June 9, 2014
2013 Report Summary『Developing Data Analytics Skills in Japan: Status and Challenge』 [PDF/0.3MB]

July 18, 2014
International Workshop on Data Science and Service Research
Tohoku University
Miyagi pref., JAPAN

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Enlightening & Networking

Our project alone cannot produce a large number of skilled data scientists. Our goal is to create a network of people and organizations, which collectively boosts the skill development.


Hands-on experiences are indispensable for developing a good data scientist. We encourage people to take internship opportunities to gain field experiences of data analytics.

Best Practice

We are investigating the best practice about how to train data scientist, and how to utilize data scientist or data analytics in each company, research organization, and others.

Training Materials

We develop our original materials for education.
In addition, we have compiled an extensive list of available courses and programs for developing data scientists.

Global Networking

We're seeking the sustainable and eco-system of talent development in cooperation with industry. We're considering the standardization of data scientist in cooperation with overseas.